Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day and enjoyed the warm temperatures and sunshine we had last week. Great opportunity to tackle yard work and get flower beds ready but, following the Old Rule of no planting until Easter; don’t want to get caught by that last minute freezing temperatures and have frozen plants.

NEW THINGS going on at House of Help. Did you notice our new ROOF? Damaged started from Harvey, then Winter storms caused major leaks.
New roof done, new ceiling tiles and a coat of paint coming.

NEW FREEZER FOR THE PANTRY; bigger and better to replace our old one that was fading fast.  With a bigger freezer we are able to purchase more frozen product from the Houston Food Bank which, will help us from running short or out of meat during our monthly food give outs.

MEDICAL GRANT will allow us to help those that qualify and do not have insurance or going through a financial crises and CANNOT afford to pay for their meds, doctor visits, eye or dental appointments.

THRIFT SHOP CHANGES, if you have been in the Thrift Shop lately you’ve noticed our clothing displays have been moved to make it more customer friendly and easier to get around to shop. We are working on more changes and are always open to suggestions from our shoppers.

BIG YARD SALE: Yes, weather permitting, the first weekend in March.  Look for upcoming ads, Hotline Press and The Waller County Express.
Till next time, prayers for Peace, Health, Happiness, a Stable Economy  and the knowledge for all that we CAN live, work and worship together in these United States of America.  Blessings, Ms. Sid