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A little rain, cooler breezes, here we go again winding down with Phase 2 give-out on
Saturday, September 19th, 8 -12 noon. Phase 3 winds UP the following Saturday,
September 26, 2020.  We are hoping these next boxes will be a mixture of fruit,
vegetables and dairy. We will post news on our web page, face book page, in our
local papers, Waller Express, Hotline Express and the Waller News. Flyers will also
be posted around town, Post Office, grocery stores, laundry mat and the banks, OR  you can call
our office, listen to the recording and catch up on the latest news.  Saturday drive-through
give outs are open to anyone no matter what zip code you live in.  Blessings,

Drive-thru Free Food Super Site Give-out in Hempstead.
Every Saturday starting September 19th through October  26, 2020, 8am -12pm . We have been told,
that September Phase 3, will bring new items to our Boxes. Our thanks
to Waller County Sheriff Dept. for helping us with traffic control.

House of Help Hempstead is open Tuesday – Saturday 10-3 pm

These Give-Outs are OPEN TO ALL ZIP CODES.

Volunteers Are Needed.  979-826-4445

We need Volunteers, please sign up for the events you can support.

Question call: 979-826-4445