Food Pantry Wish List

Food Pantry Wish List

In order to meet the food needs of the diverse community we serve, these are our current Food Pantry needs.

We are grateful for whatever you give us.  Standard size Cans work Best.

Food for Kids Pack we build
Soup, Chicken Noodle
Mac N Cheese

Peanut Butter

Ravioli, Spaghetti Any Brand

Apple Sauce

Cherrios – Any brand. Also used as finger foods for toddlers.


Adult soups

Can Chicken



Tuna Fish

Peanut Butter (smaller sizes works best)

Can Pinto Beans – Any Brand

Can Black Beans – Any Brand

HYGIENE NEEDS – Items below cannot be purchased with Food Stamps. The more we help, it frees up money for rent, utilities and etc.

Bar Soap – Any brand but Irish Spring please.

Adult PULL-UP Diapers, Small, Medium or Large any brand – Walmart best buy

ENSURE – any generic brand or flavor, Walmart

Size 4 & 5 Diapers – Any Brand, Walmart best buy

Tooth Paste – Best buy is at Walmart

Toilet Paper

Shampoo – best buy is at Walmart

Razors – Best buy is at Walmart

Local Gas Cards appreciated to cover cost of fuel for those we assist making trips out of town for health care.