Food Pantry

December Boxes of Food For Income-Eligible Seniors (60+)

December-January Boxes of Food

For Income-Eligible Seniors (60+)

Don’t miss receiving food for December-January
LOCATION:    House of Help Hempstead
(716 – 1st Street, Hempstead)

DATE:             Friday, December 21, 2018
TIME:                            8:30 am – 9:30 am 

The Houston Food Bank has additional commodity boxes of food from the USDA/TDA to distribute to qualified senior applicants. 

Bring a cart to take your food to your apartment.

*NOTE:   You will need an ID as proof of age, and document(s) to prove your household income (a Social Security Award Letter, bank statement, pension statement, check stub, letter of family support, etc.)

Each qualifying senior will receive one box of shelf-stable food each month and a 2-pound box of cheese.  Every-other-month they will also receive a bag of non-fat dry milk.  The free box (valued at $50) contains the following:
        2 boxes of cereal (alternate:   2 bags of farina or 1 bag of oats)
        2 (64 ounces) bottles of juice
        4 cans of vegetables
        2 cans of fruit
        2 bags of pasta (alternate:  1 bag of rice)
        1 bag of dried beans (alternate:  1 jar of peanut butter)
        2 (12 ounces) cartons of milk
        A protein (any one of the following:  2 cans of chicken; 2 cans of salmon; a package of tuna; can/package of beef, beef stew or chili)