What I did this Summer by Haviee

I went to Jubilee Ranch for girls camp.  We went swimming. We did Arts and Crafts.  We had bible class to learn more about Jesus.

I also went to VBS and we had a bible class and did Arts and Crafts and we also had snacks.

Now I am at home with my family who I love very much.  We do things together.  We have fun.  We go to church and learn more about the Bible and the Lord.  We visit my Me Maw and she spoils all of us.  My moms birthday was June 29, 2013.  We had a birthday party for her even though she says she stopped having Birthdays.  My Me Maw made her a homemade German Chocolate Cake and we had ice cream too.

I’m going to my church UBS.  It starts this Sunday.  I can’t wait and that is what I have done this summer.